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World Risk Report 2015

Food security and disaster risk

Since disaster risk and food security are mutually influential to a considerable extent, a world without hunger would mean fewer disasters. This is demonstrated by the WorldRiskReport 2015, which focuses on food security.

Disasters can have devastating impacts on a country’s food security – not only in the short term, but also long after they have occurred. They destroy harvests, stocks, and transport routes,and therefore above all the livelihoods of those depending on agriculture.

However, the reverse is true as well. It is not unusual for extreme natural events to turn into disasters because the population affected is particularly vulnerable due to a poor food situation. In the worst case, the combined effect of disasters and food insecurity leads to a fatal downward spiral, with the people hitslipping from one crisis into the next.

WorldRiskReport 2015 – contents:

  1. Food insecurity and risk assessment.
  2. Focus: food security.
    2.1 How disasters and crises affect food security
    2.2 How food insecurity influences disaster risk
    2.3 Food security in disaster and crisis situations
    2.4 The field of tension between food security and disaster risk.
  3. The WorldRiskoIndex 2015
  4. Food security: recommendations for action and perspectives

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World Risk Report 2015
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