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WorldRiskReport 2017

Analysis and Prospects

Until recently, humans were rarely the direct cause of extreme natural events. But as a result of their interference in the natural world, they have increased the potential risk massively. The WorldRiskIndex calculates this risk for 171 countries worldwide.

The WorldRiskReport’s concept of "risk" is not solely based on the probability of occurrence of natural hazards and their severity, rather it also considers human living conditions and the development status of society (Bündnis Entwicklung Hilft 2011). Prevention and the ability to react and help quickly determine whether extreme natural events become disasters.

The WorldRiskIndex, as a component of the WorldRiskReports, is created on the basis of a nuanced understanding of disaster and calculates the risk posed to 171 countries worldwide by means of a multiplication of risk and vulnerability. This allows for the parameters of the risk assessment to be expanded. The present report for 2017 is a five-year analysis of the reports from 2012 to 2016 that prepares the groundwork for the further development of the WorldRiskIndex.

WorldRiskReport 2017
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