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Welthungerhilfe Innovation Factory

Call for Innovators

Apply now to become part of the Innovation Factory

Creativity and innovation is crucial to the continuing success of any organisation. Breeding a culture of innovation and being successful in drawing effectively on the creative resources within our organisation will be a main driver for having success and creating impact towards our strategic goal to reach zero hunger wherever we work.

In collaboration with its partners, Welthungerhilfe aims at becoming one of the most innovative and effective actors in combating hunger and poverty worldwide. With this end in view, the Innovation Factory will encourage the generation of new ideas, systematically supports the realisation of the best innovations and finally the up-scaling of the most promising ones.

Who should apply?

Do you have an idea of a concrete new approach that could make a real difference in ending hunger (underlying causes of malnutrition)? Are you burning for this idea and would you like to take it to the next level and see it implemented in reality? Or are you already pursuing an innovation pilot that you think could grow and go to scale, and have the stamina to make it happen? Then you may be the innovator we are looking for! We encourage teams and individuals to apply.

What to propose?

Any challenge (problem or opportunity) can be proposed. But: It must have a real potential to have an impact reaching our organisational goals. This call does not have a specific thematic focus, but we refer to UNICEF’s conceptual framework for causes of malnutrition.

How to apply?

Your application can be presented in the form of (a) video or audio files of not more than 5 minutes, or (b) a pdf of not more than 3 pages, which can take the shape of a text, graphics, a photo album or a combination of it.

Send the application to Innovation@welthungerhilfe.de

Deadline: 30th April 2017!

How will your application be evaluated?

Two aspects are important and rated 50% each:

  1. Is your described challenge relevant to reaching zero hunger?
  2. Do you or your team have experience in bringing ideas to scale?

What happens if you are selected?

The most convincing innovators will be invited to the Innovation Factory 2017. It starts with a 6-weeks distance mentoring process to understand your proposed challenge better (group tele conference and one-to-one mentoring). In June 2017 we will invite you to a week long innovation camp. There, emerging innovation teams will use design thinking and business modelling to develop the most promising ideas into sustainable solutions and turn them into pilots and concrete prototypes.

After the innovation camp, selected prototypes are supported through (a) awarding seed-funding, and (b) a mentoring process. If pilots are successful, we will subsequently help the innovators to take their innovations to scale.

We are looking forward receiving your application!

Jochen Moninger

Jochen Moninger


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