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    A world in which all people can exercise their right to lead a self-determined life in dignity and justice, free from hunger and poverty.
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Who we are

Learn more about the people, structure and values of our organisation

Welthungerhilfe is one of the largest private aid organisations in Germany, independent of politics and religion. It was established in 1962, as the German section of the "Freedom from Hunger Campaign", one of the world's first initiatives aimed at the eradication of hunger.   

What we do

We fight for the eradication of hunger and poverty. Our aim is to render our work unnecessary. We provide aid from a single source: From rapid disaster relief to long-term development cooperation projects. In 2015, we were able to support 7.3 million people with 387 overseas projects in 40 countries. Since its establishment, Welthungerhilfe has supported more than 8,120 overseas projects with around 3.03 billion Euro, 5,746 of which have been self-help projects (more facts and figures in the latest annual report). 

How we work

Help to self-help is our guiding principle; together with local partner organisations we strengthen structures on a grassroots level and ensure a long-term success of our projects. Moreover, we inform the public and advise politics – nationally and internationally. We thus fight for change of the circumstances that lead to hunger and poverty. 

Our 2017-2020 strategy

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) have added a very concrete goal to our work. We believe that the worldwide eradication of hunger is possible and that we can contribute to making it happen.

We have a clear aim: Everywhere we work, we aspire to the eradication of hunger by 2030 (#ZeroHunger). In Welthungerhilfe's 2017-2020 strategy we have defined how we want to achieve this goal in the coming years. 

What we do

  • Focus on the fight against hunger and malnutrition in all its forms 
  • Strengthen Farming families in regions most affected by hunger
  • Strengthen humanitarian aid and link it with long-term development cooperation 
  • Continue Internationalisation
  • Focus on international and country-specific advocacy 
  • Create new business models

How we work 

  • Focus
  • Results-orientation
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration with partners
  • People development

The Welthungerhilfe 2017-2020 strategy can be downloaded in our Media Centre. 

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