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MOVE! United for sustainable development

International symposium on sustainability

What does climate change mean for the human right to food? How can nutrition security be obtained when usable food is disappearing and being thrown away on a huge scale? And what impact do large-scale agricultural investments have for small farmers? These questions and many more were discussed at the internation symposium MOVE! in April 2012.

Challenges for our work

On the occasion of our 50th anniversary, the ‘Move’ symposium took place on 24th and 25th April 2012, on the subject of sustainability. At the Deutsche Welle premises, the discussions were about the challenges for our work at our international locations – but also the cooperation with our international partners, which in many places is also going into the 50th round. At the same time, we wanted to reflect on the key focuses of our longstanding engagement.

Based on three key problems, the opportunities and limitations of sustainable development and the role of non-governmental development work were set out:

  • The influence of climate change on the right to food
  • Effects of food loss and food waste on nutrition security
  • The results of large-scale agricultural investments in developing countries.

International experts hosted in Bonn

Prominent international experts for sustainable development from civil society, politics and science were guests at the symposium. In their lectures and discussion panels, structural issues were also brought into focus: How much growth is sensible? Are there alternatives to ideas of growth? What are the effects of climate change and resource scarcity? What will global economic and political control look like in the future? Within this framework, critical engagement with development cooperation was welcomed. 

The symposium was a civil society contribution and our comment on the June 2012 Rio+20 conference. It was supported financially by the city of Bonn within the framework of the European Regional Development Fund.

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In February 2015 our think tank goes to Ethiopia. The idea is to gather on a multinational level and to include thinker from different African countries.

5th Round – Think tank in Berlin

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4th Round- Joint think tank

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Young and old providing new impetus in the fight against hunger

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2nd Round: youth think tank

We are the present and not the future!

(August 2012) 20 young people came together at the Welthungerhilfe youth think tank.

1st think tank - Searchers Unlimited

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(February 2012) Lateral thinkers from culture, media, economics and sport discussed the challenges for the work of Welthungerhilfe.



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