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    Welthungerhilfe has received multiple awards for its high standards in transparency and quality.

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Transparency and quality

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Tested and certified: Welthungerhilfe is one of the most transparent organisations in Germany

DZI donation seal for more than 20 years

Donors and founders have great confidence in us and this commits us to an especially efficient and transparent handling of the funds entrusted to us. Therefore, work and utilisation of funds are subjected not only to internal controls but also to various external ones too. Thus, the DZI deal, which we have held for more than 20 years, certifies that the advertising and administration costs of Welthungerhilfe fall into the category "low".

Welthungerhilfe publishes all earnings and expenses in it's current annual report: In 2016, 263.9 million euros were available to us to fight hunger. Donations amounted to 47.5 million euros, a further 213.4 million euros were provided by institutional donors. 90,3 % of the total sum went into project funding abroad, 1,8 % went for administration, which is very low. 3,6 % were used for public relations and advertisement.

In order to do justice to our own claims of quality and transparency at all times, we do not leave it to chance: Welthungerhilfe maintains several internal and external bodies and auditing authorities, which are responsible for quality assurance and, thereby, for the greatest possible impact of our project work on the whole world. The responsibilities are set out clearly here:    

  • The Supervisory Board and the Executive Board …
    … lead Welthungerhilfe. While the Executive Board leads the business of Welthungerhilfe, the Supervisory Board monitors and controls its work and ensures that the strategic guidelines are observed.

  • The member organisations …
    … come together each year, determine the business plan and approve the annual accounts.

  • The internal audit …
    ... monitors the statutory usage of donations. In addition, it examines all areas and activities of Welthungerhilfe, nationally and internationally, and ensures adherence to internal guidelines. Via the whistleblower email address complaints@welthungerhilfe.de information and enquires are received regarding unethical behaviour in connection with Welthungerhilfe projects; these are also handled by the internal audit.

  • The impact monitoring …
    … collects data, in order to be able to prove the impact of our work. In our projects we work every day to combat hunger and poverty - the impact monitoring measures our success.

  • The honorary Programme Advisory Committee …
    … advises Welthungerhilfe both in its overseas project work and in its political and public relations work in Germany. With independent specialists on different subjects, it provides timely and competent expertise.

  • The independent evaluation team …
    … in cooperation with assessors who are proven experts in their field, regularly examines the content quality of our work at home and abroad. To our current evaluations.

  • The controlling …
    … takes charge of the support of the Executive Board for the operative and strategic management of Welthungerhilfe. It regularly supplies the Supervisory Board and Executive Board with analyses and evaluations of relevant developments, such as donation income, public grants, but also the level of project funding, personnel, material and marketing expenditure, or other information for the strategic management of the organisation.

  • The overall quality management ...
    … of Welthungerhilfe helps to increase the quality of our work, through the development and implementation of improvement measures. Here, alongside subject orientation, the focus is particularly on results and impact orientation.
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Ensuring quality and effectiveness

Through evaluations Welthungerhilfe regularly controls the quality and effectiveness of its projects.

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"Help to self-help" – that's the principle Welthungerhilfe is basing its work on across the globe. Learn more about our projects in Asia, Latin America and Africa.

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Information Centre

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In case you want to make a complaint related to our programmes, commitments and conduct, please send a message through our

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Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft

Welthungerhilfe has signed the transparency initiative "Initiative zur Transparenz in der Zivilgesellschaft"

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Welthungerhilfe Foundation ("Stiftung Welthungerhilfe") is an independent foundation. Its Managing Board consists of members of Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.V.'s  Executive Committee.