• You do the dough...
    - we do the muffin paper cups!
    You do the dough...You do the dough...
  • Photographic proof
    Baking and selling the products of BUY 1 PAY 2 is fun!
    Photographic proofPhotographic proof
  • Baking is men's business too!
    The male students of Alexander-von-Humboldt school showed their baking-talent!
    Baking is men's business too!Baking is men's business too!

Every donation counts!

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Buy 1 Pay 2 Campaign - Cakes help!

Cakes against hunger

Buy 1, pay 2: Your sweet campaign against big and small hunger

Hunger – the word usually makes us think of the sound of a stomach grumbling. But for almost one billion people, hunger is something else – a threat to their very survival. Many of these people live in developing countries.

Baking, selling and donating – allay here your appetite, to reduce the global hunger!

You can help them with the BUY 1 PAY 2 campaign. The idea is simple: Students bake muffins and sell them at a fixed price. The buyer pays double and the proceeds are donated to Welthungerhilfe's project work!

  1. Considerations: When and where should your campaign start?
  2. Application: By using the registration button, fax or telephone. You can also order posters, muffin tins, postcards and teaching material.
  3. Everyone should know: Posters, flyers or an announcement in the local media.
  4. Time for some action in the oven!
  5. Action: Selling your muffins at double the price!
  6. After selling: Please transfer the proceeds from your campaign to the Welthungerhilfe account: Sparkasse KölnBonn - Account 1115 - Bank code 370 501 98. Purpose: Enter BUY1PAY2 and the name and post code of the school

Muffins made easy

The instructions for delicious recipes and successful fundraising

You want to prepare muffins for your BUY 1 PAY 2 and you don't know what it takes to make them? No problem; we'll assist you! In our video, Sonja and Charlotte show you how to quickly bake the best muffins. In addition to that, this video informs about the ingredients needed and their origin, plus some facts about the projects of Welthungerhilfe.

Lena Rott, Hawa Grund-Djigo, Irene Sunnus

Lena Rott, Hawa Grund-Djigo, Irene Sunnus

+49 228-2288 258

Online application

Time for some action in the oven… Heat it up! Register online to B1P2 and order our materials!

Register here

Further information

Get more information about BUY 1 PAY 2 plus information on donation. Information are only available in German.

Download here
from our media centre

Information for teachers

Get teaching material on the topic of hunger and poverty here. They are suitable for various age groups. Information are only available in German.

Download material
from our media centre

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