• "Welthungerhilfe is in touch with local people and offers practical support."
    "Welthungerhilfe is in touch with local people and offers practical support.""Welthungerhilfe is in touch with local people and offers practical support."

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Bequests - Helping with heart and mind

Sensible bequests

Helping with heart and mind

Are you thinking about bequeathing part of your estate to help achieve a world without hunger? There is a range of possibilities available when it comes to arranging your will, and there are a few things to take into account. We are happy to provide you with information about the legalities of setting up your will and to answer key questions about intestacy rules and inheritance tax.

Help with your estate

Kerstin Uhlenbruck, Dr Dirk Uhlenbruck Endowment Fund. Kerstin Uhlenbruck provided an impressive example of setting up a private endowment fund in 2005. After her father suddenly died in April 2004, she continued his social involvement: She is working towards food security in Laos in the name of her father.
Roland Gingold, Welthungerhilfe as inheritor: "I don't have any descendants and so had to think of something different. A foundation is something lasting. So I set up my own trust fund with a manageable starting capital and chose Welthungerhilfe as the inheritor. Now I am sure that my ideals will continue over many generations."
Elisabeth and Eduard Sohns Foundation: Eduard Sohns would have been an "unpassionate Christ". But he wanted to help people in need. With that in mind, he actively supported the work of Welthungerhilfe with the "Elisabeth and Eduard Sohns Foundation" between 2003 and his death in 2009. His desire to help others continues through his trust foundation.

But the first question to be answered is: Who inherits the money if there is no will? How do I need to formulate my will so that it fulfils all the legal requirements? What options do I have in order to make a commitment beyond my own life? We are on hand to help you!

If you decide to support the work of Welthungerhilfe with a legacy, we will work with you to find the right way of structuring your will. If it is a complicated case, we can provide you with the contact details for an experienced lawyer. It is particularly sensible to take legal advice in cases where you wish to bequeath larger assets.

Some people do not have anyone in whom they trust to implement their final wishes. We provide testators who make a commitment to people in need in their wills, with individual support in the executorship, the breaking up of the household and in care of the grave.

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