Chance: Sustainability

Chance: Sustainability

How people adapt to the changing conditions

No one can stop climate change now. One can only limit the effects. In order to achieve this, the main perpetrators – that is industrialised nations and emerging industrial countries, who make a massive contribution to global warming due to their growing industries – need to massively reduce their emissions.

People must adapt to the climate change. © Böthling
People must adapt to the climate change. © Böthling


In addition, wealthy countries must provide financial means to advance adaptation to climate change. People in developing countries lack the funds, education and experience to react to climate change. They can only adapt.

This means that these people are often reliant on external aid. Politicians and development organisations are, therefore, faced with a new challenge: Not only must they combat hunger and poverty; they also must adapt to climate change.

With that in mind, Welthungerhilfe and its partners are supporting small farmers in rural areas who are dependent on agriculture. Welthungerhilfe has many years of experience in this field. It supports people in adapting their farming methods to suit new climate conditions.

For example, fruit and vegetables are being planted that are less sensitive to heat. Crop rotation is used in an attempt to prevent the soil from leaching. Trees are planted to prevent fertile soil from being washed away by flooding or heavy rain.

To ensure a water supply in the future, water catchment areas are being protected and new methods for storing water developed. Disaster reduction is also being extended in many project areas so that hurricanes or extremely heavy rainfall do not catch people off guard.

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Climate change

The new challenge

Climate change represents a new challenge facing Welthungerhilfe: We are no longer fighting only hunger and poverty.

Climate change - a poverty trap?

Consequences for nutrition security

What do climate changes mean for people who are already starving or undernourished? Does climate change lead to more hunger in the world? 

Effects of climate change

What will happen?

Climate change causes extreme weather events. Droughts and heavy rains force people to flee.

Climate Change

Challenges Facing Project Work

How does Welthungerhilfe integrate measures relevant to climate change?