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Climate Change and Resources - Facing new Challenges

Climate change - A new challenge

The weather is changing - A new challenge

Climate change represents a new challenge facing Welthungerhilfe: We are no longer fighting only hunger and poverty. Increasingly, people in developing countries are faced with the consequences of climate change. Accordingly, Welthungerhilfe is reacting to climate changes in its projects whilst also attempting to fight the causes of climate change.

World map: Temperature trend, 1960-2014
Trends of global warming. Map shows temperature trend inbetween 1960 and 2014 in Celsius Degree. © National Geographic 2015/ Steven Mosher & Robert Rohde, Berkeley Earth




We call for climate justice!
We call for climate justice! Join us and share it via Facebook and Twitter. (Click to download graphic)
More About: Climate Change and Resources

Paris Climate summit 2015

Climate deal: We have to insist on its implementation

(2015) The climate deal adopted at Paris Climate Change Conference (COP21) was a historic moment in global efforts against climate change. For the first time, consensus was reached among all 195...

El Niño: worst yet to come?

Hunger crises, water shortages and diseases are looming

The 2015/16 El Niño is already considered one of the three most extreme since 1950. Its consequences are threatening livelihoods, crops and nutrition security in many countries.

Climate change - a poverty trap?

Consequences for nutrition security

What do climate changes mean for people who are already starving or undernourished? Does climate change lead to more hunger in the world? 

Effects of climate change

What will happen?

Climate change causes extreme weather events. Droughts and heavy rains force people to flee.

Chance: Sustainability

How people adapt to the changing conditions

Climate change can scarcely be stopped now. So it means living with the consequences. Sustainability is the only option.

Climate Change

Challenges Facing Project Work

How does Welthungerhilfe integrate measures relevant to climate change?

We are member of

We are member of

Climate Action
International (CAN)


Alliance2015: Climate deal will amount to little without strong implementation

Alliance2015 joint statement

Climate induced migration: COP 21 need to focus on African Youth
Video: Climate Change

Welthungerhilfe and ActionAid International work together at the "Climate Change in Education" programme in Kenya.