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Development policy - Welthungerhilfe

Development policy

Reducing the gulf between rich and poor

Helping people in poorer countries improve their living conditions – this is the aim of civil society and state actors working in the field of development cooperation.

Helping people in poorer countries improve their living conditions – this is the aim of the actors working in the field of development cooperation.

Actors work together to combat poverty, reduce the gulf between rich and poor across the world, and integrate poorer people in the political and social decision-making processes. Development cooperation does not directly tie in with wars or catastrophes.

The phrase "development cooperation" was introduced in the 1990s both as a means to highlight complex economic correlations and to help to overcome the one-way street of development aid with post-colonial paternalism.

Development politics deals with the framework conditions for development cooperation, global development and the fight against poverty. Since these framework conditions are influenced by various closely interwoven policy areas such as economics, foreign affairs, trade policy etc., development politics can only have a small impact on international structures.

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Sustainable Development

SDGs and the post-2015 process

Soon the UN will adopt the new Sustainable Development Goals, taking into account economic, ecological and social aspects. Will they transform the world by 2030?

Connections between Migration and Development

Connections between Migration and Development

Discussion Paper by Professor Dr Jochen Oltmer

Every 122nd person in the world is a refugee, an internally displaced person or an asylum seeker. Study about connections between migration and development.

Europe must act

Demands for dealing with refugees and migrants

Millions of people flee from war and terror in their home countries. Europe must act! We demand an improved migration policy from the EU.

Financing for Develoment

Governments should make binding commitments

In July, the Financing for Development Conference (FFD3) will take place in Addis Ababa. Read more about our demands on the FFD.

Summits 2015: what are governments prepared to do?

G7 summit, Financing Conference, SDG and Climate Conference

Hunger, climate, poverty - ahead of the international summit conferences in 2015 we call on the global leaders to act!

Future of development policy

How do we face the challenges?

Development policy faces great challenges. How do we want to face the future?

MDG: What happens after 2015?

A global development agenda seems possible

2015 is the end of the MDGs, but the process continues. Will the global agenda bring the desired sustainability?

What is hunger?

Two billion people are undernourished

Different types of hunger, causes and consequences – learn the facts about hunger. Did you know that there is enough food to feed the world?

Millennium Villages

Action rather than speech

In 2000, representatives from 189 states signed the ‘Millennium Declaration’. The Welthungerhilfe contributes with its millennium villages the reaching of the aims.

Advocacy Project POWA

The fight against hunger will be decided in the rural areas – G8 nations must show stronger commitment! Welthungerhilfe and its partners demand more support for smallholder farmers in developing countries. Agriculture for food security must play a decisive role at the 2015 G7/G8 summit in Germany.
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