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More than 65.6 million people worldwide have had to leave their homes and are fleeing. The majority are displaced persons in their own countries or refugees in neighbouring countries. Welthungerhilfe is active in many of these countries and is supporting thousands of families in a new start. For example, we are distributing urgently needed food and clothes. Long-term improvements are an important part of our work – we therefore repair roads, distribute seeds and offer agricultural training. Thanks to your donations, thousands of refugee children can once again go to school, experience ordinary life and create hope for the future.

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Food distribution in Turkey
There is often even a lack of basic foods. Last winter in Turkey, therefore, 90,000 people received food and winter relief parcels. © Lass
Zeyneb, a refugee from the Syrian province of Idlib
Zeyneb, a refugee from the Syrian province of Idlib, lives in Turkey now. With a cash card provided by Welthungerhilfe she can buy groceries in the supermarket. © Welthungerhilfe

Syria, Turkey and Lebanon: Emergency aid for civil war refugees

The majority of refugees in the world come from Syria. The reason for this is a brutal civil war that has forced more than 12 million people to leave their homes since its beginnning. Most of them are refugees in their own country, many others seek refuge in neighbouring countries. Their most pressing problems: Housing, food, medical and hygiene provision. In projects in Syria and Turkey, we are supporting Syrian war refugees: 

  • Around 750,000 people are receiving food, clothes and mattresses
  • Regular winter relief
  • Development of school lessons for Syrian schoolchildren. We are currently supporting five schools in Turkey. We are taking on teacher salaries, transport costs, equipment and school materials
  • Repair of waste water systems
  • Cashcard system, so that families can decide for themselves what to buy and so that food parcels only need to be distributed in particular situations

Help for Syrian refugees

Iraq: Help for refugees and returnees

Iraq is again a country at war. Since the "Islamic State" (IS) began its advance in the northwest of the country in August 2014, 3.2 million people have been displaced, most notably Yezidis and Christians. Many have been accommodated in host families, others live in camps or in cellars and backyards. Welthungerhilfe supports them with the following measures:

  • Around 19,600 men, women and children affected by the conflict receive humanitarian aid
  • Regular winter relief
  • Renovation of building shells in Northern Iraq as temporary accommodation 
  • Repair of sewage systems
  • In the Ninewa province, Welthungerhilfe supports returnees and the remaining population with "cash for work" measures and thus creates jobs for a large number of people.

Help for Iraqi refugees and returnees

Afghanistan: Education and emergency aid

Around 40,000 people in Afghanistan are refugees in their own country. Many families have left their homes in order to escape war and hunger. In the capital city Kabul, they hope for a better life. We support around 25,000 refugees in and around Kabul with projects to improve the standard of living.

  • Help people to establish their own sources of income
  • Training and qualification
  • Psychosocial assistance and leisure activities for traumatised children 
  • Educating children and young people in democratic processes
  • Winter aid, for example, through the distribution of firewood in winter 2015/2016

Afghanistan: our work with refugees

Drinking water, schools and food for families in South Sudan

Since late 2013, bloody clashes in South Sudan have claimed tens of thousands of lives. About 1.8 million people have fled the country, 2.0 million people are internally displaced. Around 730,000 people receive help from us. Host families who accommodate refugees also receive support.

  • We provide refugees with food, accommodation and hygiene products
  • Distribution of agricultural equipment and seeds
  • Improvement of drinking water provision
  • Together with the population we are building dykes and planting trees in order to be able to control floods and secure harvests 
  • Construction of schools and centres for small children 

Our work in South Sudan

A Syrian family has found refuge in Turkey. People receive aid parcels from Welthungerhilfe. © Weihermann/JustFilms
A Syrian family has found refuge in Turkey. People receive aid parcels from Welthungerhilfe. © Weihermann/JustFilms
A girl juggling
Together with local partners, Welthungerhilfe has initiated leisure activities or children in 22 refugee camps in Afghanistan. © Asbach
In the Democratic Republic of Congo, many refugees live in Camp Mugunga III, outside of Goma. © Herzau
In the Democratic Republic of Congo, many refugees live in Camp Mugunga III, outside of Goma. © Herzau


Uganda: Helping refugees to provide for themselves 

Many people flee from the war in South Sudan to Uganda - many families are on the road for weeks on end. In Uganda they receive allocated land on which they can live and grow food. But what about when you have to leave everything behind?

  • We are supporting refugees with seeds, agricultural equipment and training
  • Women receive goats, in order to be able to provide milk and meat for themselves and their families 
  • We are building classrooms and equipping schools, so refugee children can learn again 
  • Construction of latrines and washing rooms

Creating jobs for refugees in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Political insecurity and violence dominate the life of the people in the DR Congo. Welthungerhilfe has been active in the country since 1997 and provides emergency aid and supports the development of infrastructure. What we are currently doing for refugees in Eastern Congo:

  • Through improvements in the infrastructure, for example, the building of roads and bridges, we are promoting trade in remote areas and enabling access to schools and health centres
  • We are distributing seeds and equipment and advising on better cultivation methods 
  • Cash for Work programme: Jobs for numerous people in road construction
  • Training on topics of hygiene, nutrition and health (e.g. HIV)Congo: Refugee camps and road construction

More about our work in the DR Congo

Niger: Support for families fleeing from Boko Haram

We are supporting refugees who have fled from Boko Haram in Nigeria. In Niger, the poorest country in the world, hundreds of thousands of refugees now live with host families – so our project also includes them. Overall, we support about 26,000 people.  

  • Distribution of food for three months
  • New communal fields are being made available, agricultural equipment is distributed and warehouses for fertiliser are built 
  • In "Cash for Work" measures, people participate in the reclamation of degraded land for agriculture and are remunerated with a fair income.
  • Repairing 15 water pumps and forming a water component will help prevent water loss.

Refugees in Sudan

Around 2.3 million people in Sudan are fleeing within their own country, more than 1 million children under five are undernourished. According to UN OCHA, the situation is becoming increasingly alarming, particularly due to the ongoing armed conflicts. How we are supporting people in Sudan: 

  • We are distributing food as well as vouchers, with which refugees can select their own food from retailers
  • Farmers are receiving donkey ploughs, high quality seeds and training. 
  • Support of the local fishing industry
  • Installation of a tank for cattle troughs, erection of a slaughter place and cooling facilities

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Women fleeing in South Sudan. © Rosenthal
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