• Donations on a larger scale
    Donations on a larger scaleDonations on a larger scale

Every donation counts!

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Philantropie plus X - Donations on a larger scale

Philantropie plus X

Aid that is individual and appropriate

Do you want to do more than give a classic donation to help to create a world free of hunger and poverty? Welthungerhilfe gives you the opportunity to develop and realise your own personal concept of aid.

As a competent partner, we support you in providing effective help. We listen to you and work with you to develop an individually tailored expression for your commitment.

What we offer: Sponsorship, trust funds, bequests

Our offers range from direct sponsorships and donations to long-term trust funds and sensible bequests. Whether you are a private individual, a company or a sponsoring foundation, we are here to help structure your personal social involvement.

Tell us where and how you want to work against hunger. Our "Philanthropie plus X" team will work with you to develop a type of giving that is ideally tailored to your wishes. In other words: customised involvement. We look forward to discussing your options with you.

Tobias Beck

Tobias Beck

Donations on a
larger scale

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Philantropie plus X - What we offer