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South Sudan: Emergency aid after flooding

Flooding in Sudan

Emergency aid for 2.000 homeless families

Schools have been closed for an indefinite time period.
Schools have been closed for an indefinite time period.

Weeks of heavy rains have caused flooding in many parts of Sudan. The capital city of Khartoum is particularly hard hit, as the floods took away, completely destroyed or made inhabitable the homes of 100,000 people. The victims of the flood need basic items: many people lost everything they had, and must now start from the beginning.

The fledgling water drainage system is now fully overloaded and severely damaged. Water volumes cannot be removed in an orderly fashion, and the water backs up in the lowlands. Thus it is difficult to access regions in which people are in dire need of help and have no one but themselves to rely on.

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Masses of water can not drain

There is also a risk that the levels of the big rivers will rise as a result of the heavy rains in the catchment area of the blue Nile in particular. Schools have been closed for an indefinite time period. As the impoverished population is unable to quickly rebuild the houses that have been destroyed, there are tens of thousands who have been left in a precarious position.

Emergency accommodation

Welthungerhilfe wants to provide emergency aid to affected families in Khartoum, such as setting up shelters for flood victims whose homes were destroyed. It also plans to provide the most basic items to those in need, including everyday items such as blankets, mats, dishes, water canisters, soap and mosquito netting, because many people have lost everything due to the floods.

The project, which is financed by the Foreign Office, is designed to support approximately 2,000 families in Khartoum and mitigate immediate suffering.

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