Mourning the tragic loss of Giovanni LoPorto

Mourning the tragic loss of Giovanni LoPorto

Giovanni LoPorto(17/09/2015) Giovanni LoPorto will be buried in his home city, Palermo, in Sicily. Rest in Peace.

(23/04/2015) Just a couple of hours ago we received the terrible news that our dear colleague Giovanni LoPorto, who had been taken hostage almost three years ago, is dead. He was killed already in January as collateral victim in what the White House calls an "antiterrorist operation" in the frontier between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

We are deeply shocked about this tragic loss of our dear colleague, who had been working with all his heart for our cause. Our thoughts and deepest solidarity are now with his family and friends. The pain they have to go through is just incredible.

 All Welthungerhilfe now mourns with Giovanni Lo Porto’s family.

We would like to express our deepest sympathy to Dr. Warren Weinstein's family and friends. He died with our colleague and friend in this attack.