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    In 2000, representatives from 189 states signed the ‘Millennium Declaration’. The Welthungerhilfe contributes with its millennium villages the reaching of the aims.
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Millennium Villages - First Step Towards a Better Future

Millennium Villages

The Welthungerhilfe initiative opens up new possibilities

Three continents, 15 villages, eight goals, one vision: Village inhabitants who proudly call for their right to sustainably and autonomously improve their living conditions.

Children also benefit from Welthungerhilfe’s actions in the Millennium Villages. © Boethling


When, in 2000, representatives from 189 states signed the ‘Millennium Declaration’, they set ambitious targets; they specifically committed themselves to freeing people from poverty globally. In order to do this, eight goals – the Millennium Goals – were agreed upon which, by 2015, are to provide more sustainability and global justice.

Welthungerhilfe is also taking-on this challenge. For the organisation, it became clear very early on that in order to achieve these goals, not only financial support, but also the commitment of the population, was needed. In 2006, the Millennium Villages initiative was started.

In so doing, it gives the local population a voice and a face, supports them in breaking down the Millennium Goals to a village level and makes progress measurable. The focus is on the principle of “help to self-help”; village communities identify their problems and work on possible solutions, with the support of Welthungerhilfe and partners, and then implement them autonomously in order to improve their living conditions.

More About Welthungerhilfe

Our challenges

The key issues we work on

Welthungerhilfe supports people in greatest need. Our members of staff in Germany and abroad are competent in various fields of work.

What is hunger?

Two billion people are undernourished

Different types of hunger, causes and consequences – learn the facts about hunger. Did you know that there is enough food to feed the world?

Climate change

The new challenge

Climate change represents a new challenge facing Welthungerhilfe: We are no longer fighting only hunger and poverty.

Disaster relief with planning and sense

Fast and effective aid in emergency situations

Fast aid after natural disasters and conflicts ensures the survival of the affected people. Guidelines ensure that we do it well.

Development cooperation

Reducing the gulf between rich and poor

Development, politics, poverty reduction: In development cooperation, forces combine to reduce the gap between rich and poor.


Water ist indispensable for overcoming hunger and poverty

The way we handle water resources today will decide whether we will be able to overcome hunger and poverty.

Jeannette Weller

Jeannette Weller

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VIDEO: visiting some of our Millennium Villages

Final reports

Final report: englisch


Final report: french


Final report: spain


To order the reports in high quality please contact Jeanette Weller

The 15 Millennium Villages

Ogur (Uganda)
Kongoussi (Burkina Faso)
Nentaraja (Kenya)
Mabote (Mozambique)

Kanat Toch (Cambodia)
Korak (Nepal)
Sarwan (India)
Nimpith (India)
Jhiranya (India)
Veshab (Tajikistan)

Ayacucho (Peru)
Riberas del Huallaga (Peru)
Mondésir (Haiti)
Poirier (Haiti)
Auhya Pinhi (Nicaragua)

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