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Welthungerhilfe warns: South Sudan is facing an enormous humanitarian disaster

100,000 Euro emergency aid provided

(Bonn, 26/12/2013) The people in South Sudan are facing a humanitarian disaster of a tremendous dimension due to the escalation of violence. In the capital city Juba alone, some ten thousands of people have sought refuge on the site of the UN peace keeping mission UNMISS.

"The situation is getting worse day by day. We try to help people in need under all circumstances, even if we have to cope with chaotic situations. Health care is a big issue right now, there is a danger that diseases like cholera might break out. Welthungerhilfe has decided to provide emergency funds of around 100,000 Euro to be able to start emergency interventions immediately”, Mathias Mogge, Welthungerhilfe Executive Director Progammes, explains.
As an immediate relief measure Welthungerhilfe is distributing 704 water cans with a volume of 20 litres each. Besides clean water, latrines and food are needed, especially for children.
It was only in 2011 that South Sudan became an independent state. In the civil war between 1983 and 2005 more than two million people were killed.
Even in the present security situation Welthungerhilfe has to act very carefully, so as not to put its own staff in extreme danger, Welthungerhilfe however, does not plan to stop its ongoing activities.

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