Press release - Ebola in West Africa

Curfew in Sierra Leone

Drastic measures in fight against Ebola

(30/03) The recent curfew in Sierra Leone is an important step in putting an end to the Ebola epidemic. “3.5 million people in parts of Sierra Leone have been asked not to leave their homes for three days”, says Jochen Moninger, country coordinator for Welthungerhilfe.

In the capital Freetown, Welthungerhilfe is supporting the worst-affected neighbourhoods. 20,000 slum residents are being provided with urgently needed care. Four families will share 30 kilogrammes of rice and 4.5 litres of vegetable oil between them.

“As such, we are helping the poorest of the poor and simultaneously creating the foundation for the work of voluntary health teams. We are supplying 400 qualified health workers who are all equipped with thermometers. This is how we are supporting the house-to-house inspections in several Freetown neighbourhoods”, explains Moninger.

The activities of Welthungerhilfe will be carried out in cooperation with other UN organisations, such as WFP, UNMEER and NERC. The first tonnes of food are currently being distributed.

3.5 million people in Sierra Leone are affected by the curfew. © Pilar
3.5 million people in Sierra Leone are affected by the curfew. © Pilar

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