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Water for Kenya

Water in Kenya

How the people of Kajiado prepare for droughts

Visiting a water storage tank. © Grossmann
Visiting a water storage tank. © Grossmann
Rainwater is collected in large concrete basins. © Grossmann
Rainwater is collected in large concrete basins. © Grossmann

In 2011, Kenya was hit by one of the worst droughts in decades. For years, recurring periods of dry weather had made survival difficult. In the district of Kajiado, Welthungerhilfe and villagers have constructed water traps and tanks as well as kiosks where fresh water can be purchased for a small fee.

Proceeds are invested in maintaining the equipment. These activities aim to prevent the worst effects of future droughts. As a matter of fact, villagers in the Kajiado District are able to adequately look after their animals and gardens during the dry season.

In addition, Welthungerhilfe wants to ensure access to sufficient water on a daily basis. This project benefits some 42,000 Maasai families that have settled in small communities. They are ensured year-round supplies of drinking water through additional tanks located on rock water traps.

Water committees to ensure quality

Roof-mounted water traps with one tank each supply clean water to two schools. In four communities, public lavatories that can be used for hand washing contribute to improved hygiene and health.

Newly established water committees check water quality in their systems. If required, the water is cleaned with tablets to prevent the outbreak of disease. Villagers and members of the water committees who look after the water systems regularly participate in continuing education courses.

Good training ensures that people will have secure, long-term access to clean water. It also secures the survival of the people in the Kajiado District – because water means life!

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