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Nicaragua: Clean water in the Millennium Village

Progress in Nicaragua

The wells in Auhya Pihni provide clean water again

The millennium village Auhya Pihni is situated in an isolated location on the Nicaraguan Atlantic coast in the region of Atlántico Norte. Villagers live under the constant threat of hurricanes. 

In September 2007, hurricane Felix destroyed wells, houses and health stations. Since then, supplies of clean drinking water have been especially lacking. 

Many wells and water tanks are not tight or are uncovered - and are therefore not protected against dirt. Anyone drinking water from the well runs the risk of falling sick from the dirty water. Another problem is the fact that large portions of the population are not eating a balanced diet or are malnourished.

Together with Welthungerhilfe, the inhabitants of Auhya Pihni are building new sanitary facilities and repairing damaged drinking water wells. In addition, they also have access to training for health, hygiene and food. 

A long queue at the food distribution
A long queue at the food distribution: Undernourishment of children in Auhya Pinhi is being fought by providing school meals.
A new well by Welthungerhilfe for better access to water
Better access to drinking water has been achieved thanks to 22 new wells. © Tobias Brehm
Girls in school
Millennium Development Goal 7 - gender eqality - has also been achieved. Women are no longer being discriminated against in the area of education. © Tobias Brehm

Sanitary facilities and wells are repaired

Another objective is to improve and secure the food situation in the seven communities of the Millennium Village over the long term. The villagers are setting up house gardens to grow vegetables and fruit. 

Welthungerhilfe gives them tips on how to better care for their plants, and how to sell surplus product at a profit. 

Life in Auhya Pihni has improved in many ways: People have more to eat and a higher income. Thanks to a balanced diet and renovated sanitary facilities, fewer people are falling ill. 


Millennium Villages

In the year 2000, 189 countries came together to agree on eight objectives as part of the "Millennium Declaration", with the goal of achieving more global justice. Welthungerhilfe also addressed this challenge by starting the Millennium Villages initiative in 2006. It gives the local population a voice and makes progress measurable. The principle of "help towards self-help" takes centre stage in this regard: village communities identify their problems, develop solutions and implement them.