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Ecuador: sustainable agriculture in the rainforest

Environmental protection in Ecuador

Sustainable agriculture instead of rainforest deforestation

This project has now ended. 

The protection of the rain forests is important to human existence.
The protection of the rain forests is important to human existence.
House in the Amazon region.
House in the Amazon region.

The Amazon rain forests are home to a gigantic diversity of animals and plants. They not only secure the existence of the people living in them but also store harmful CO2 - therefore they are more important to our climate than ever. 

Nevertheless, huge areas are deforested on a daily basis. Seventeen percent of global CO2 emissions are currently caused by the deforestation in the Amazon region. 

In addition to large multinational companies and trade associations, it is also the inhabitants of Ecuador and Peru who are cutting down huge swathes of forest. Due to a lack of other income options, they burn down trees to cultivate new fields and build wooden huts.

The forests must be protected

For this reason, Welthungerhilfe started a pilot project in the Manú national park in Peru and the Yasuní national park in Ecuador together with the forests' inhabitants and its Alliance2015 partners HIVOS and CESVI. 

This international project includes 1,000 families who are actively involved in saving the forest areas and the ecosystem: They learn how sustainable agriculture works, they plant domestic trees and receive higher-yielding seed, such as maize and cacao.

The alternative: forestation

They can use organic methods to increase harvests, process the agricultural products and sell the surplus on the market. In addition, they attend courses to learn more about the connection between climate change and forest management. 

Now people are protecting the forest because they have seen first hand: It pays to reforest and manage the forest. These efforts lift them out of poverty and also protect our own lives. Help us to save the Amazon forests!

The aid measures are financially supported by EuropeAid, the European Commission’s Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development.

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