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Regular donations

Become a donor partner by supporting Welthungerhilfe's work on an ongoing basis.

Haiti - musicians at a procession. © Herzau
Haiti - musicians at a procession. © Herzau
Cambodia -a farmer fertilises her rice field. © Koop
Cambodia -a farmer fertilises her rice field. © Koop

Whether providing aid in acute emergency situations or as part of long-term development projects, Welthungerhilfe donor partners are committed to people in need. Regular and ongoing donations represent an effective contribution towards a better and more just world – and they save lives!


A donor partnership offers many advantages:

  • Your regular donation provides flexible aid that is not tied to a particular project, allowing us to provide rapid and flexible aid to people in need.
  • You can subscribe to our quarterly free publication MAGAZIN, which reports on our project work (in German).
  • You can discontinue your support at any time and will not be required to provide any reasons for your decision.
  • Donor partners provide long-term support and assist in securing a better future.

How to become a donor partner

In Germany: Just forward your automatic debit transfer information
From other countries: Submit regular donations to our bank account: Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.V. | IBAN: DE15370501980000001115 | BIC: COLSDE33

Become a donor partner

Video: What happens with your donation?

Pia Vadera

Pia Vadera

T: 0228-2288 278

Birgit Altenkamp

Birgit Altenkamp

T: 0228-2288 278

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