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Sahel: Hunger again despite the rain

Drought in the Sahel region

Assistance for the hunger victims in Mali, Niger and Burkino Faso

The people living in the Sahel region cannot seem to get a break. Two years after the last great drought, the much-needed rains did not come in 2011, and fields dried up. Many people used up what they had in storage, and were forced to slaughter their animals. At this time, 18 million people are no longer able obtain adequate amounts of food.

Welthungerhilfe has been supplying food and seed to the people in Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger since the end of 2011. A worrying development is the sighting of the first grasshoppers in Mali and Niger. A grasshopper plague would put harvests at risk. And an increasing number of cholera cases has been reported in the West of Niger.

Welthungerhilfe supplies food to people in the Sahel region. © Brockmann
Assistance for the hunger victims in Mali, Niger and Burkino Faso. © Brockmann

Agricultural yields can be increased

Through help towards self-help, local people learn to fortify their fields, properly store their harvests and build irrigation systems in order to make better use of local climatic conditions. But when the rains do not come, this is not enough: The worst can only be prevented with immediate emergency aid.

Find out more about Sahel´s situation: IN BRIEF 27/2012 Sahel Zone: A Political Powder Keg

The aid measures are financially supported by the Federal Foreign Office the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and the German Corporation for International Cooperation GIZ.



Sahel's situation

IN BRIEF 27/2012 Sahel Zone: A Political Powder Keg
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