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    Dr. Wolfgang Jamann is leaving Welthungerhilfe
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New duties on the international stage

Dr. Wolfgang Jamann is leaving Welthungerhilfe

Dr. Wolfgang Jamann is leaving Welthungerhilfe on 1st March 2015 in order to take over a new role as Secretary General of Care International in Geneva. He has led the organisation with passion for 5 ½ years and has made a particular contribution to forging new international partnerships and cooperations.

Dr Wolfgang Jamann is leaving Welthungerhilfe after 5 ½ years.
Dr Wolfgang Jamann is leaving Welthungerhilfe after 5 ½ years.

This has also included his engagement within the context of the European network Alliance2015, of which he held the presidency last year. “We need to build more links both in Europe and globally and enter new partnerships”, this was one of the guiding principles of his time as Secretary General.

During his period in office, Welthungerhilfe celebrated its 50th anniversary, an event that he utilised superbly together with staff and the various committees to re-position the organisation strategically.

Wolfgang Jamann leaves the organisation after five successful years and an outstanding year-end result in 2014. Many private donors and institutional grants were gained, to substantially support the work of Welthungerhilfe. As a result of this confidence, the organisation is in the position to do justice to the numerous challenges of the future, particularly in the field of humanitarian aid.

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