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Your foundation: A valuable partner for Welthungerhilfe

Foundations are valuable partners for the global work of Welthungerhilfe. Through the engagement of a supporting foundation, a partnership between the foundation and a Welthungerhilfe project comes into being. Numerous foundations are already supporting us in this way. 

Perhaps you have an idea of how you would like to help with your foundation? Or maybe you would like personal advice about where your donation can have most impact? We will happily follow both paths with you, individually, personally and directly. We will provide you with information about the projects, about our quality management, about the impact we can achieve together. We are open to your suggestions and are delighted about your interest.

Project area Htan Tabin township in Myanmar: Through the foundation of Rainer Meutsch children are receiving a school education here. © Brockmann

Our work 

Welthungerhilfe is currently active in 40 countries worldwide with over 350 projects. We are fighting to beat hunger and poverty and provide aid from a single source: From rapid disaster relief to long term development cooperation projects. For us, the principle of ‘help for self-help’ is particularly important. Our projects are initiated by local partner organisations, committed people who want to make a permanent positive change in their lives and those of their fellow humans. 

Your project

Our projects are designed so that they still function when we are no longer on the ground. They have long term investment and aim fully to contribute to as many people as possible leading their life in dignity and through their own strength. Here you can find some examples of projects that have been successfully implemented, thanks to the engagement of foundations.

Rock Catchment in Kenya

With support from the RMV foundation, tanks for the water project in Kenya were erected. © Pilar

Water is life: In Kenya currently, recurring periods of drought are making survival difficult. In cooperation with foundations, Welthungerhilfe is campaigning for sufficient drinking water supplies for the people in East Africa. 

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School building in Myanmar

The Fly & Help foundation of Rainer Meutsch has financed school construction in Myanmar.

Supporting education and fighting poverty: In Myanmar, Welthungerhilfe is building for the future with the construction of schools. Through vocational education, people gain prospects: self-determined and secure. This is also made possible by the generous engagement of foundations.

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Kids circus: Project for traumatised children in Afghanistan

The Tereska foundation supports a project for refugee children in Afghanistan.

The horrors of war, the suffering and the poverty all leave their mark, particularly on the youngest members of society. Welthungerhilfe and foundations are helping traumatised children have a happier childhood, for example, through circus skills training or other recreational activities.

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Issues we work on

You can talk to us at any time and together we will develop a path for your strategic engagement. You can commit to a particular project, to a region, a country or to a subject – depending on what lies closest to your heart. You can be certain, however, that your donation will make a long term impact, as a partner we guarantee that.  

Key remits in our programme work are: 

  • Ensuring sufficient nutrition in the poorest regions of the world.

  • Education according to the principle of ‘help for self-help’.

  • WASH: Projects for the improvement of water supply, basic sanitation and hygiene.

  • In disaster situations: Emergency aid, fast and direct on the ground.
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Walburga Greiner


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Maike Schopf


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Annual report 2013

Learn more about our work in our latest annual report, which you can download here:

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