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40 years of development cooperation in Ethiopia

40 years in Ethiopia

Since last year the situation has drastically deteriorated

Ethiopia is in the Horn of Africa – a region afflicted by terrible droughts again and again. As in 1972. Hundreds of thousands of people need support in their struggle to survive, which is why Welthungerhilfe began to be active. Nearly 40 years later, in summer 2011, the situation seemed to be similar, because once again a serious drought held the region in its grip. 

However, the fact that much has changed in Ethiopia and only some things have stayed the same is shown in this film:

The video gives an insight into the situation in the Ethiopian Borena region. It has been possible to improve the situation for the semi-nomads who live there with simple but effective methods. For example, they now create drought reserves for their herds of goats and collect and store precious water underground. This is just one project, among many, that Welthungerhilfe has successfully completed in Ethiopia together with local partners. Nevertheless, since last year the people’s situation has drastically deteriorated once again. The results of climate change have hit this region much harder than others. Therefore Welthungerhilfe will also continue to support Ethiopia in mastering this challenge.

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