Campaigning at the G7 Summit

G7 Summit: Crops not corpses

Welthungerhilfe using “Grim Reapers” to campaign for smallfarmers 

A man dressed half as a grim reaper, and half as a farmer
Under the motto “Ernte statt Ende” - “Crops not corpses” - Welthungerhilfe is campaigning for more support for smallfarmers.

(04/06/2015) Under the motto “Ernte statt Ende” (“Crops not corpses”), Welthungerhilfe is sending five “Grim Reapers” to the G7 summit. At the demonstration in Munich on 4th June, as well as at the “Zusammen gegen Armut” (“United against poverty”) concert on 6th June at Munich’s Königsplatz, they will campaign for support for smallfarmers.

The idea behind it is a play on the double meaning of the German word “Sensenmann” (literally, “scythe man”), standing both for death and for a farmer. Five actors will be dressed half as “death” and half as smallfarmers.

The two often sit side by side. There are 795 million people going hungry across the world, that is one in nine people worldwide. Every ten seconds, a child dies from the effects of undernourishment or malnutrition. The majority of those suffering from hunger live in rural areas.

Campaigning for smallfarmers

The action is also campaigning, however, for a change in perspective, as highlighted by the motto #ErntestattEnde, as well as in the flyers being distributed. Around 70 percent of all food in developing countries is produced by smallfarmers. They could completely eradicate hunger in their countries – with better education and advice, seeds and irrigation, roads and access to markets. 

But, instead of supporting them, politicians would rather support large plantations and the export industry.

To coincide with the FAO World Hunger Report on 27th May, Welthungerhilfe recently published its assessment of the current food situation and what exactly it is expecting of the G7 states and government heads. More information about this, as well as on the upcoming summit meetings in 2015, can be found at

Welthungerhilfe is one of the largest private aid organisations in Germany. It provides aid from a single source: from fast disaster relief and reconstruction to long-term development cooperation projects with local partner organisations, according to the principle of help for self-help. Since its foundation in 1962, more than 7,350 projects in 70 countries have been supported with 2.66 billion Euro – for a world without hunger and poverty.

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Live in Munich
Click to download the flyer
Click to download the flyer

On Saturday 6 June, the day before the G7 summit starts, musicians, politicians and seven unsung heroes will be on stage together – united against poverty.