• 2015: G7 have an obligation
    Hunger, climate, poverty - ahead of the international summits in 2015 we call on global leaders to act!
    2015: G7 have an obligation2015: G7 have an obligation

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Summit year 2015: Demands

Our demands for: G7, Financing Conference, SDG and COP21

2015: a chance for sustainable development?

World leaders have a huge responsibility when they meet at four summits this year to decide about our world's future. Will it be a sustainable and fair one? We demand: strengthen agriculture, ensure financing, support sustainable development, reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Demands for the climate conference in Paris in December 2015
Man sitting on a dry field.
The climate can endanger nutrition, health and income of people in developing countries. © Brockmann

At the Climate Change Conference in Paris, the long-envisaged, internationally binding climate treaty for all 194 nations of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) should be agreed. This world climate treaty should come into force in 2020 and will provide a fundamental basis for the global sustainability agenda and nutrition security. Global warming leads to reduced harvests in developing countries due to altered rainy and dry seasons and, consequently, to bottlenecks in food production. Poor smallfarmer businesses suffer particularly from the effects of climate change.

What we demand from COP21

  • Reduce global greenhouse gas emissions
  • Rich nations must reduce their climate emissions. In developing countries, however, social and economic progress must not be counteracted by climate goals being too narrow.
  • Regulate for the long-term financing of climate impact in developing countries
Last exit: Paris Climate Summit



Demands for the UN summit in New York in September 2015
Man holding a head of lettuce
All nations are asked to contribute to the fight against hunger and poverty. © Tsegaye

The United Nations is preparing the adoption of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) that should lead to sustainable global development. The first two goals provide for the total eradication of hunger and poverty by 2030. Unlike the Millennium Goals that were focused on developing countries, the SDGs work on the basis that all nations share responsibility. Together we must make an adequate contribution to the overcoming of hunger, poverty and inequality, to the conservation of resources, biodiversity, the climate and the oceans, in the responsible use of resources and in the realisation of the rights to education and health.

What we demand concerning the SDG

  • The United Nations must adopt the already-formulated 17 goals

  • All governments must submit national sustainability strategies and agree to a review of progress

  • Decoupling of economic growth and excessive resource consumption

  • Focus on the human right to food and, correspondingly, commit financial economic power to it.

Demands for the Conference on Financing in Ethiopia in July 2015
Man writing at a desk
The goal of the conference: regulation of the financing of sustainable developent and climate protection.

The third United Nations Conference on Financing for Development will take place for the first time in a developing country, in Ethiopia. An international framework should be agreed for the future financing of development measures, as well as for the implementation of the United Nations Sustainability Goals and for climate protection. Among this range of financing projects, the focus on the goal of entirely overcoming poverty and hunger by 2030 must not be lost.

What we demand from the Conference on Financing

  • Public development financing must be maintaned.

  • The financing of sustainability and climate goals must be provided in addition to development aid

  • The member states of the OECD must fulfil their commitment to make available 0.7 percent of gross national income for development aid. Half of this must benefit the poorest developing countries


Our demands: Financing for Develoment



Demands for the G7 summit in Germany in June 2015
Women working on a field
Strengthening smallholder agriculture means fighting hunger. © Desmarowitz

Germany, France, UK, Italy, Japan, Canada, USA and additionally the European Union are part of the G7. In June 2015, the summit will take place under German presidency. The focus lies on: global economy, foreign policy, security policy and development policy, and since 2009 also the subject of world nutrition. In Elmau, the heads of state and government have to concentrate on global hunger!


What we demand from the G7

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G7 summit, Financing Conference, SDG and Climate Conference

Hunger, climate, poverty - ahead of the international summit conferences in 2015 we call on the global leaders to act!

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